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#I loved this SO MUCH #like this is the same steve who got in fights with dudes twice his size because they were talking in the movie theater #you know? #like there’s so much to steve #he’s great at tactics and planning #and he cares SO MUCH about so much #but also? he’s really fighty and MAD #you know?? #like he does not back down from ANYTHING #and it’s equal parts bravery and fuck you #love him (via)

And I love this so much because of Helmet Hair.

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No Redemption

In a word without redemption
I seek to hide my pain
I scream into the silence
I fight, but all in vain

I owned the world once, long ago
A thief came in the night
And in this way, I lost my way
I’m trapped outside the light

(not sure of the date, but I wrote this from the POV of a character in a novel I wrote when I was in my last years of high school and first years of college)

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Hi there
Do you remember me?
I’m the one off in the corner
Who’s dying to be seen
I’ the one shut in the darkness
Who’s dying for the light
I’m the one who needs attention
And strives with all her might

Do you think of me
When you go home at night?
‘Cause I think of you
Yes, my friend, that’s right
‘Cause we met and talked
And things were really great
But now it’s slowing down
And talk’s been…

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Poem of a Pen

Poem of a Pen

My pen is an extension of my hand
this poem is about the meaning of life
I write, when I can, words of beauty
I just wanted to make sure you knew
I want to write words of truth
not everyone might get it
the ink flows steadily
after all, not everyone is as enlightened as I
Sometimes blue
or as smart
Sometimes black
so I thought I’d clarify
And, every once in awhile, purple
hope you got it.

(I’d guess…

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I Am Woman

I am woman
as I have been for centuries
Sitting quietly, I wait for my turn to speak
only to be laughed at, ridiculed and
dismissed when I do.

I am tired of waiting
I will be heard
And if you laugh too long and too loud
You will miss the truth
In what I am saying.

spring 1999

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A season of passing I pretend not to care And era is ending and I’m not even there. It was…

A season of passing
I pretend not to care
And era is ending
and I’m not even there.
It was part of my life
no matter what I deny
a part I have left
but I’m part of a lie.

They hurt me
it hurts me
I hurt me
I’m hurt

I hate them
I hate it
I hate me
I’m hurt

The show is now over
and I’m moving on
now just in my heart
will I hear the song

The bells have stopped ringing
I pretend not to care
a huge…

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Three poems

I really need to remember to queue up posts so I post when I say I will, even when I’m busy. But, since I didn’t here’s the poems for April 8, 9, and 10th.


I go through my day

in a sea of solitude

I am alone

as I want to be alone

Loneliness rarely touches me

for I am a creature

who belongs to herself


sometimes, as I make my way

an island in a sea of people

I long for one to reach out


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Emancipation of She

At a young age she learns the futility
of speaking out loud.
No one will notice
no one will care unless
He repeats her
claiming the thought for his own.

So she sits in the corner and watches
almost too afraid to dream
dreams, she has realized, rarely come true
Happy Endings do not exist
And she has ceased to dream of The Prince

What is a woman? she often wonders
is it the constant ache she feels

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